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28 Apr 2021

Social media is undeniably one of the most important in our daily life. The progress of technology, which easier for everyone to communicate with each other. You can see from the fact that the companies are more and more attention to work through on platforms.

The popular applications on platforms for usage are as follows: Google, Google Cloud, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Tiktok, Line, JOOX Music, Spotify, LINE TV, Netflix, Shopee, Lazada, Agoda, etc. Besides, there are several websites on the platform as well. I believe that everyone knows all these but who will know more? If you need a helper who helps you to drive to your life. I would like to share the website on the platform that I found with you guys.

Lately, I paid attention to find a company to got an internship and I got to know a company through my search on Google. It's about a website which, can help people to find the job which, is fit with them. I’m interested in this company because this company uses everything in English. I feel I would get a lot of experience and developing my skills. So, I decided to send my resume to the address on the web page by email. Then, I got an occasion to come and join with Skillsolved Recruitment company.

First page

I survey the web page SkillSolved by click on the about us button, it will show this page as the picture shown below. As you can see, on the position in the top right of the first page, there are main buttons to bring you to know this company. You will know Skillsolved a little bit from the information on these pages. (You can see more information at https://www.skillsolved.com/)

About us page
Work with us page

What is H201

H201 page

The next time, I got to know the website H201. I knew it from the blog button on the first page of SkillSolved. Then I try to use this website, for me, it’s a perfect website to find jobs. So, I will tell you about this website, H201 is a website in network with Skillsolved. It suits people who want to find new jobs or fresh graduates. It especially appropriates with those who looking for a job that uses English language for work. Because the companies on this web need to work and communicate almost in English. This is the way you can show or present yourself in skill, talent, attitude, or something special about you. You can find the job you want, create your blog, establish or promote your company to find the applicant.

How to use H201

Firstly, you need to register to create your account, and then you can log in by your account

After you log in to your account. It like you step into the amazing world of a journey that will bring you to get opportunities. It probably makes great success in your life. So, the most important thing is your profile. Because it is the first thing that makes others know who you are and what you want to do.

Secondly, Let’s create your profile.

On this page, you should write everything about yourself positively. But should not enhance over the extent of being.

  • Write your name and contact that can be easily contacted, it very important.
  • If you have had an experience of working before, you should to specified too.
  • You can add your CV or resume. (It is a pdf or .docx file up to 10 MB.)
  • Choose skills and competencies from the options.

Next, if you are a person who has your own business or enterprise, you can click

the option My Company. You will see the block Create company as below pic.

the block Create company

Fill in the details about your company.

  • Fill in the company name in English and Thai
  • Select province
  • Write about your company description within 400 words.

*In this part, you need to exhaustively explain in detail but be concise.

  • Choose industry/sector
  • Choose company size

There is an approximate number of members in the company to choose from. Starting from 1-50 people, 51-250 people, and more than 250 people.

After you have chosen, the system will calculate company sizes. There is small, medium, large.

Next, fill in the block Contact

Since address, phone number, email of the HR/contact person and to website

You need to write an address, which can help the client decide to apply or not. Because the distance is also important when choosing a job.

Company Information page

Whatever else, it is a little information that how others can follow your company on social media. For example, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Youtube.

In the last step, you finished filling in the information

you will get a bock of your company.

Now, you can click the block My company and add more information or edit also put your cover photo with JPGs, JPEGs or PNGs file up to 2MB. Recommended 1440 x 400px for cover, 120 x 120px for logo.

Also, you can write a post job with a draft. The way to post is so easy, you click the yellow button post job and then they will show a lot of blocks of detail to write. For example, in the block, you can add team photos to the Manage Team Page. On the page, you can invite members as admin like you on the manage member page. Or you can check your applicants.

One of these options that I proud to recommend to you is a blog. You can create a lot of blogs. Whether it's an article, a podcast, or a video, it's all right as well.

I love this part very much. Because you can write everything that you want to share or update. Maybe, recruiting news, career development, company activities, knowledge, entertainment, a few tips, or others from this.

Special options

For all these reasons, I decided to write this review to share my impression of this site. I really hope, which are benefits to you guys or people who looking for a way to create your identity. This site is convenient and easy to use, as many as other websites. Sometimes, it may be special more than others. I confirm the beauty icon tools which tone of color, it so cute and comfortable on the eyes. I am confident that it will attract you to try to use it.

Last but not least, you need to know about creating your company. You cannot delete the company which you create. But anyway, if you want to delete it, you can call the company of this website and contact to admin to remove it.

Right People, Right Place, Right Time. Everyone Wins.

Everyone has their abilities and self-valued.

Don’t let the opportunity go bankrupt, let H201 be the helper that will lead you

to great success.

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