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16 Jun 2020
On-Demand Expert Advice in Asia

Apart from employer branding platform, H201 is a leading expert network services in Bangkok Thailand. We have over 85,000+ experts across various industries & functions in our database who are ready to take on assignments. Time is valuable and the best way to learn is to have conversation with experts who have done what you’re looking to solve before.

We serve clients across every timezone.

How It Works?

1) You Have Questions

Through our Expert Network Services, we aim to help our clients find the right expertise. Whether you are an investor or business own who wants to understand Thai market better, or seeking for an insightful information about any of their interests.

2) We Find Expert For You

We help you to engage experts across fields and value chains to discover ideas and concepts you never knew you needed to think about. We find solutions, implement them, and browse our database of professionals to find the right experts for you.

3) You Get Solutions

When our system finds a perfect match for your expertise, we’ll connect you with them. Call-in, surveys and analysis, meetings, custom solutions, and interviews with experts when clients want to gain quick and deep insights on a given topic.


Our Case Studies

Case Study 1

Our client was a multi-national food company and looking to invest in a food ingredient companies in Thailand. The client doesn’t know much about Thailand and wanted to find out whether it makes sense to enter Thailand market. As the client was visiting Bangkok in a week, it wanted to make the most out of the visit by meeting experts in food ingredient at various local companies. H201 quickly compiled a list per client needs within few days. The client wanted to understand how food ingredient were sold, the supply chain of the products, etc. We qualify 3 salespersons (manager level) & 3 supply chain managers & directors to meet with the client. Based on the quick revert, the client decided to use SkillSolved for other market research projects.

Case Study 2

Our client was one of the largest alcoholic beverage company in the world and is interested in opening up an office in Bangkok Thailand. client wants to find out how alcoholic beverages are sold in Thailand, the commission structure, and who are the players in which the client can partner with in order to expand its presence in Thailand. Client decided to use H201's expert network and market research services. H201 interviewed met face to face with 12 experts to find out the answers to the client questions from sales manager at local beer company, importer of craft beer, largest e-commerce of alcoholic beverages, to GM & Country Manager of Food & Beverage companies. We made a presentation of the data from the experts and the client was able to make decision on how to enter Thailand and which partner to select to expand their presence.


The process is simple. Give us a call, let us know who you need to connect with (it can be very specific such as what position or organization), we’ll get back to you on the list of people who has the expertise to share. The form of sharing can be phone consultation, face to face meeting, panel interview, roundtables, focus group, or we can do the market research for you and summarize the results per your needs.


We’re helping some of the most important companies stay compettitive with on demand access to top talent. Sound interesting to you?

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